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Modern Lighting


Characterized by clean, sharp lines dominantly in brushed steels and chromes, Modern Lighting transforms lighting fixtures into an artpiece for your home.       


Traditional Lighting
Smooth classic lines that range a variety of historical periods will make any home look more elegant.      

 Colonial Lighting


Colonial Lighting is marked by simple, traditional lines often combined with the use of basic woods or irons. Lanterns, chandeliers and wall sconces with candle-style bulbs make a simple yet attractive luminaire for any space.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       




Mission/ Craftsman Lighting


Craftsman lights are known for fine worksmanship, mostly earthy tones (not always), combined with a combination of thick and/or thin crossbars across the entire fixture.  

Vintage Industrial Lighting
Industrial Lighting may be the most popular trend on the market. Characterized by machined metals or bronzes, often combined with the use of stylish vintage bulbs.

Nautical  Lighting


Nautica Lighting: Nautical Lighting is a beautiful, versatile style of lighting with rustic bronzes and nantucket styling that looks great with any home décor. 

Rustic Lighting


Rustic Lighting Known for use of earthy tones, sturdy wrought irons and antler decorations, Rustic lighting fits in everything from a cabin, home in the mountains, or home in the suburbs.   

Tuscan Lighting


Tuscan Lighting relies on golden bronze tones and elegant scrollwork often paired with amber or etched shades.  

French Lighting


French Country: Elegant thin lines with beautiful crystals and accents make this style perfect for any style home.

Asian Lighting


Rustic colors combined with sharp artistic Asian styling adds an Eastern flair to any home.  

Spanish Lighting


Spanish Lighting utilizes thick, heavy iron and metal work with an Old World design. Spanish Lighting is often ornate with cream or amber shades.  

Art Deco Lighting


Art Deco Lighting From Rockefeller to the Great Gatsby, Art Deco originated in the 1920's and '30's. This mid-century modern style is known for its strong geometric shapes with strong colors.    

Art Nouveau Lighting


Art Nouveau first appeared in the design world around 1890. Known for beautiful flowing designs based on nature and the world around us.

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